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2.5.3. Related party transaction procedures

If a Reporting Entity enters into a Related Party Transaction or a series of Related Party Transactions in any 12-month period and the value of such transaction(s) is greater than 5% of value of the net assets of the Reporting Entity as stated in its most recent financial reports, the Reporting Entity must, no later than the time when the terms of the transaction or arrangement are agreed, make public disclosure which sets out:

  1. (a)    the nature of the Related Party relationship;
  2. (b)    the name of the Related Party;
  3. (c)    the date and the value of the transaction or arrangement; and
  4. (d)    any other information necessary to assess whether the transaction or arrangement is fair and reasonable from the perspective of the Reporting Entity and of the stakeholders who are not a Related Party, including minority shareholders and creditors.