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Chapter 3. Reliance on a third party

15. A Relevant Person may rely on the following third parties to conduct one or more elements of CDD, identification and verification on its behalf in cases of non-face to face business relations in compliance with Chapter 9 of the AIFC AML Rules:

a) an Authorised Person[1];

b) a law firm, notary, or other independent legal business, accounting firm, audit firm or insolvency practitioner or an equivalent person in another jurisdiction;

c) a Regulated Financial Institution;

d) a member of the Relevant Person’s Group; or

e) databases of government authorities[2].

The Relevant Person, however, retains responsibility for any failure to comply with a requirement of the AIFC AML Rules, as this responsibility cannot be delegated.

16. The existence of the consent of the customer to the gathering, processing, storage and provision, including, if necessary, to third parties, of his/her personal data, confirmed by an identification tool is obligatory for Relevant Persons.

[1] Either an Authorised Firm or an Authorised Market Institution as defined in the AIFC Glossary

[2] Government authorities of Kazakhstan and jurisdictions that are the FATF member or the equivalent jurisdictions