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Chapter 5. Reporting, record keeping and data protection

20. Reporting to Financial monitoring authority: In cases of non-face to face business relations a Relevant Person should familiarise themselves with their reporting obligations under Chapter 13 of AIFC AML Rules, Article 13 of the AML/CFT Law and Chapter 5 of Guidance (Requirements) applicable to the Rules of Internal Control for the purposes of the AML/CFT, in particular in relation to the reporting of suspicious activities/transactions and threshold transactions.

21. Record keeping: A Relevant Person must keep all records in cases of non-face to face business relations in compliance with Chapter 14 of the AIFC AML Rules. As proper documentation is one of the main pillars of ensuring AML/CFT compliance, a Relevant Person is required to have policies and procedures in place to ensure proper record-keeping practices. It is expected that a Relevant Person will maintain up to date records in accordance with the CDD obligations applicable to it and be prepared to provide the records upon request from the AFSA.

22. Data protection: A Relevant Person is required to establish data protection systems to keep all records relating to CDD, risk assessment, reporting and customer profile in compliance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal data protection dated May 21, 2013, and AIFC Data Protections Regulations and Rules.